The Stress Of Freshman Year

The stress level for me of being a freshman at Enumclaw High id unbearable. There are so many things that are going on at once that my spare time has been blown away from me. I’ve learned a few tips along the way though!

Tip 1:
Stay organized with homework and school work. by knowing the difference, you can make sure to put your homework at fist priority. You can do this by having a folder for each class and have one side for homework one side for school worksheets/ class activities.

Tip 2:
Don’t overwhelm yourself with huge commitments. What I mean by this is to not make a promise to someone you cannot keep. For example, telling your friends you’ll be able to come to every one of their games. By committing to that you may let your friends down by not showing up because let’s say homework or missing work.

Tip 3:
Don’t get caught behind everyone on work. I may not be the best at this but I am getting there! Which means you should show up to school every day pay attention to the teacher and do work as followed. Something that may help with this is to ask your parents for help if you are confused on a math problem lets say. You can even text a friend and ask for some tips on how to solve it.

Tip 4:
Don’t add things to your agenda of things to do when your agenda is already full. For me, this is hard because I signed up for helping with volleyball at the middle school, while my club soccer is still going. I also needed to take drivers ed so I can get my license. Plus going to baseball games to support my friends and doing a training with a very good coach every week. All these things stacked on top of each other meant that I would get time to be able to do homework. By minimizing what you’re doing every day you can maximize time to get important things like spending time with family, sleeping, and doing homework done. This does not mean quit everything you are doing, just make sure they’re all balanced throughout the week.

These tips together will help create a less stressful environment for yourself, and make you be a happier and more successful person! 🙂

Here is another link that you can look at more ideas and tips to reduce and relieve stress,


2 thoughts on “The Stress Of Freshman Year

  1. Beth, This is a great blog post and I think that it can be helpful to many people. I need to work on some of those steps and I know they would help me out a lot. Anyways, your blog is looking absolutely great and I am looking forward to our next post! Keep up the good work.


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